Saturday, 3 November 2012


Good Afternoon,

A quick post to ask for your advise. When I take photo's I go outside on the table or at the back door (with the door open) to get good light (this morning rain was coming in). I have to do this when I get in from work but since the clocks have gone back  this is proving to be impossible as when I get in it's dark. I have taken a couple in the morning before I leave for work but I have to wait till I'm literally leaving for the best light.

Soooo, I'm am looking to buy a light that I can use but have no idea what to buy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  1. I place my card in a cardboard box and than i have the same background every time and that works perfectly. No need to buy a new lamp. hopefuly you can use this Tip and will it save you some money

    greetings Debby

  2. I have an ottlite and I adore it, One of my best Crafty buys as I use it for all my crafting, Hope that Helps, Love Hazelxo

  3. I use a photo tent and then use my Photoscape free programme to adjust my pictures.

    Hope that's helpful hun..

    big hugs Vicky xx

    Google's free..!

  4. Alot of people recommend ottlite but I think any with a daylight bulb in should be good. I used to take pics with my card directly underneath my corner lamp (just a normal one) and then adjusted the colour in my editing programme. Hope that helps?! Hugs, Marie xx


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