Monday, 17 February 2014

They say things come in 3's

Good Evening my crafty friends,
I must firstly apologise for being a rubbish blogger, in my mind I want to post & comment but physically I just can't find it in me
 I never got back as promised with my news yesterday as I slept most of the day, as I have done most days. I really don't know why I'm feeling so tired and when I am awake have no energy to do anything.

Anyway I am now here to let you know my news which I think might be a bit of a shock as I've not mentioned it previously.
Last Monday I had some good news. After being awake all night waiting the phone call finally came just after 7.00am to let me know that my Son & his partner Gemma were the proud parents at last. I say at last because the expected date was 27.1.14 making the birth 14 days late.

Harvey James was born at 6.55 am  weighing 6 lb 15 oz.
Isn't he a cutie!

Later the same day I went to the hospital convinced my treatment wouldn't happen, however it did. So that means I've had all 6 cycles that were prescribed. Just 15 days Radiotherapy to go then I can think about getting back to work & my normal routine. Plus lots of cuddles!!!!

So that was 2 bits of good news. But it didn't stop there.

When I got home the post had arrived and on opening it I found a cheque for nearly £140. The letter said that it was a refund for an over  payment I had made at some point, still not sure what for but I'm not complaining just planning my purchase!!!!

Have a good evening



  1. So pleased to hear all your good news Carole and goodness what a cutie is your new Grandson, I'm still waiting for my lot to start, I wish they'd hurry up!!
    Hugs Laurie xx

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  3. Ah Carole, Congratulations on the very cute grandbaby, What a sweetie.
    Ive been similar this last dew days with no energy and wanting to sleep all the time! Yuck!!! There must be a bug doing the rounds, Hope you feel a lot better soon, So glad the chemo is over, Sending You big Hugs and squishy ones for Baby, Love Hazelxox P. S had to delete the first post as it had lots of spelling mistakes in it!!

  4. Ahh..what wonderful news Carole. Congrats on the birth of your new Grandson...he is adorable. I'm also very happy to hear that you're nearing the end of treatments and life will get back to normal soon. Big Hugs, Pat K x

  5. Great to hear all of your good news Carole. Your Grandson is adorable and so glad that your treatment is coming to an end very soon too. You take care and rest. Hugs, Claire x

  6. Congratulations Grandma Carole, that's lovely news, and that's a super pic you've shared, he looks gorgeous. Good that your treatments are drawing to a close too and that your planning ahead. As for your refund, brilliant! Remember to spend some of it on you though

  7. Grr, my iPad locked before I'd finished typing, what I was going to say was treat yourself as well as Harvey as I'm sure your windfall will be shared with him, Jx

  8. What a little cutie Carole, your Grandson is adorable, Congratulations!! I'm so glad your treatment is nearing the end, take care of yourself, sending you big hugs!
    Tammy xx

  9. Great to hear all your good news Carole! Your grandson is adorable! P x

  10. Congratulations Grandma!! He looks adorable xx

  11. Aww Harvey is SO cute Carole… what a sweetie…. Big Congratulations to you and family!!
    I'm glad you've had all 6 cycles of treatment now… take things really easy and let yourself heal… and enjoy spending that money... what a lovely surprise!! :-) sending you HUGE hugs
    Love Sue xx

  12. I came by to look at your latest MAWTT card and then saw this gorgeous little cutie instead. Congratulations to all the family. Take care of yourself. Hazel L. x


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